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Order the Digital Book: A Life In Dance ~ a practical guide


Emerging dance artists must learn the practical realities of making a career in dance. In this  essential guide and collection of artists's stories, edited by Rebecca Stenn and Fran Kirmser, readers learn about the fundamentals of a successful career and life in dance including; audition information, funding resources, retirement planning, self care and health insurance, and more.

Cost: $10

One-on-One Consulting & Production Services


Sometimes you need one-on-one consulting and tailored services to get you where you want to go. Consultations and services are offered in; Fundraising, Self Producing, Press, Career Strategy, Financial Planning and Marketing. Available for the emerging artist, seasoned artist or dance company. 

Make Dance Your Business!


How do you navigate the business of dance especially in New York City? If you have just graduated from a college or conservatory, this simple and practical online course  with built in personalized coaching is for you! Start your career off right. Learn from Fran and her team everything you need to know whether you are a performing artist or creator/choreographer to make money - get ahead of your business plan and career!

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Testimonials ...

 "Having just graduated, it has been so helpful to have Fran's expertise and professional guidance to provide direction, structure and resources I needed to tackle the unknowns and launch my career path in dance."

-Jordan Ryder, Tisch Dance Graduate '18

“…the most productive, efficient and inspiring workshop ever. Fran has been in our shoes, she understands our barriers and fears. She gives you a structure and a master plan.  I left feeling energized and armed with real funding resources. There are not that many people or programs that can  equip you with just the right tools to feel ready to leap into your work. To that end, Fran is really a gem in the industry. ” 

- Caroline Brethenoux, Performing Artist

“Fran has such a wonderful way of taking things that normally seem very daunting and making them do-able and that is a true gift!”

-Jessica Myers, Performing Artist

  “Every single thing about her workshop was valuable. It left me feeling empowered and ready to tackle my creative endeavors.” 

 - Julia Boyles, Dancer/Choreographer