In the first quarter of the fiscal year, emerging artists who are embarking on new projects and sometimes first time projects will ask the following: “My friend or my relative wants to make a donation to support my work but would like a tax deduction in return – How can I make that happen – How can I get non profit status in order to provide them with that?”

Applying for your own tax status or 501c3 status is a major undertaking that takes on average a year and is costly. As well it needs to be maintained annually. If you are an emerging artist starting out, I’d recommend working on one project at a time to make sure that you can see and are committed to working as an artist well into the future before you go you even consider obtaining 501c3 not-for-profit status as an option.

In doing so, as you work with this approach, you will find that there are many great service organizations out there that do a tremendous job of supporting your endeavors and offer, among their many services, a chance for you and your project to be sponsored through their organization. Through these organizations you can obtain non profit status for your project and your donor can get the tax deduction they desire.

The Field in NYC is one such organization that I would highly recommend looking into: