Contact: Fran Kirmser
May 20, 2014


Fran Kirmser Productions announces today it will offer FREE workshops in financial planning for artists with financial educator David Maurice Sharp. Reservations can be made for either Friday June 6 from 1pm-2pm or Monday June 9th from 7:30pm to 8:30pm with Q&A following both sessions by calling the reservation line at 212 554 3431. Classes will take place at Fran Kirmser Productions, 10 Rockefeller Center Ste 910, and will be filled on a first com first serve basis.

The workshops will introduce a few basic strategies to help strengthen the financial journey of an artist’s life. It will then explore the three general categories of investment types that make up a diversified financial portfolio and how investments can be made even with a limited and changeable income.

David Maurice Sharp’s unique background allows him to relate to his audience both as an artist and as a financial professional. Early in his career in the arts, he danced with the likes of Mimi Garrard Dance, Lucinda Childs, Sean Curran, Heidi Latsky and Anna Sokolow. Most recently, as a financial professional, David worked for KCC LLC as a Director of their New York office, specializing in US and international restructurings, particularly those that involve public securities. He is an industry expert both in domestic and international corporate restructurings as well as Rights Offerings and Subscriptions and authored several articles in industry publications such as the Daily Bankruptcy Review and

“David has an expertise in both long term financial planning and understanding the journey of an artist’s life, and they are both close to his heart. He fills a much needed perspective for most artists who trained in the arts and do not have business or financial planning in their background. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a fantastic leader who delivers invaluable information”, says Broadway Producer and Arts Consultant Fran Kirmser.

“After a career in the arts and a 25 year second-career in finance, which began as an outgrowth of a temp job, I strive to help serve the arts community after hearing many stories of confusion and insecurity among my artist colleagues. I feel that I have a strong understanding of their needs and always look forward to sharing valuable information that helps the artist take hold of their future and freedom”, says David Maurice Sharp.

David has taught at HB Studios, Screen Actors Guild and was a founding member of Thriving Artists Investment Club, a limited partnership established by a small group of artists to educate one another about investing, personal portfolio management, and retirement.

Financial Planning with David Maurice Sharp is being funded by Made to Move, Inc.